Monday, 5 January 2015

2014 in Crochet Projects

Now that the new year has come, I find myself reflecting on the crochet projects of 2014 and the realisation that it was only the second year with crochet.  I am amazed how much you can do with really very little knowledge.  Right now I don't think there's a pattern I wouldn't attempt and it is becoming easier and easier to think of a need and to crochet up something without the aid of a pattern.  Practice does make it easier and I'm a crochet addict so I do get a lot of practice.

When I first started with crochet and tried to learn from a book I thought I would never get the hang of it and found it really painful to have my fingers positioned exactly as in the diagrams but then a friend suggested trying Youtube videos and I was away.

As I go through the pictures of my past projects what is nice is that so many were inspired by presents for birthdays and special occasions such as new born babies.

A necklace for a friend's birthday to go with the birthday card I made her.

And a brooch for another friend's birthday.

Pin cushions for my sewing friends.

Lots of flowers for a flower garland for my 3 year old niece 

  Teddy bear garland for my new born niece's cot

Baby brogues for my colleague who had twin girls.

 A rug for our hall way.  My hubby wanted something to improve the heat insulation in our drafty hallway so I got to work on this rug (made to measure very snuggly into the space).  It took ages as its made with tshirt yarn.  I'm sure I grew some muscles when I made this one!

I made some coasters as a wedding present for a work colleague.

Monsieur Lapin for my 3 year old niece.  (He was surprisingly easy to make - 2015 will surely see more friends for this little chap)

 And the Christmas beanies for my friends and family

There are of course some crochet projects which I haven't photographed yet, my crochet mood blanket 2014 (an instagram and facebook initiative - crochet mood blanket 2015 is just starting), my waistcoat, some coasters and I'm sure there were a few others that slipped the iphone's lense.

For 2015, my projects todo list already has quite a few items:  beanie hats for 2 of hubbies friends (an order from hubby of course!), slipper boots for me, a crochet head band to keep my hair out of my eyes in yoga, a few different types of beanie hats for hubby, crochet mood blanket 2015, a furniture cover to stop the bunnies from chewing an item of furniture... I'm sure I could add to it, but it's a good starter for the new year.  I'm also hoping to make more items of clothing and I mustn't forget my little niece's birthday in March.

What projects are you planning to do?

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