Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Halloon Germination Update

Yesterday, I wrote about some Halloon seeds that I had managed to get hold of from a "Growing Exotics" training session by Garden Organics Sowing New Seeds Project.

This morning I was really shocked to see that the seeds have germinated already.  The funny thing is, I hadn't actually got round to watering them and I was thinking - I must really give them a water to start them off.  To be fair the compost I used was ever so slightly damp and that must have been enough to start them off.  I will take note that the slightest bit of water works wonders!!

I wonder how they will grow... I know they are an edible, suspect that they are a salad type leaf with a bit of spice but at this stage it is still all a complete adventure!

Do you know anything about Halloon?


  1. The germination speed suggests a brassica - do the leaves look right for that? I can't really tell from the photo. I have found one reference to Halloon on Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Garden_cress) which suggests it may be garden cress....

  2. Hi Emma

    I've included a close up picture of the seedlings in the blog above for you.

    Thanks for researching. Isn't Wikipedia great for plant info? Yes I read this page last night and I suspect this is what I've got. Not really exotic at all, but because of where I got the seed it may have been from an Indian variety.

    Nevertheless, if it garden cress it will certainly brighten my autumn and winter dishes which will be a fantastic silver lining.