Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Ricard's Lodge School Gardening Club - The Garden in May

At Ricard's Lodge School there is a school gardening club and edibles plot.  The girls have been growing all their edibles from seed and its proving quite popular.  They started their efforts back in March and its really starting to look like something special now.

The garden is looked after by the girls in Year 7 and volunteers which include myself, Joyce, Juliet, Belinda and Jill. 

It is really starting to come together and this week we harvested our first crop - lovely lettuces!

I came with sunflowers, Belinda came with worm feed from her home wormery to feed the crops, Juliet and Jill brought support canes and Jill came armed with some knee pads for some speedy weeding.

 Joyce tried to loosen up the ground at the back of the wall.  The ground really is solid with lots of stones and no rain for weeks has made this bit of ground rock solid.

Belinda diluting the worm feed.  1/3 worm feed to 2/3 water.

Juliet supporting the beans

Jill making sure everything is thoroughly watered.

Can't wait til the next gardening club!