Friday, 27 May 2011

The effects of the lovely rain

Yesterday, in South London we had the first real rain showers since I think late April when we had a big thunder storm.

This morning I wondered through the garden at breakfast time (as is my morning ritual) looking for any new shoots and new signs of life/flowers when I stumbled upon the strawberries.  These strawberries arrived through the post as bare root plants last Friday with only little stumps where the leaves would sprout from.  Two days ago I gave them a little feed from the worm farm and yesterday mother nature decided to help me along too with some wonderful bursts of sheet rain.  All in all both of these have had a marvelous effect on these lovely strawberries. 
The interesting thing about rain water is that plants always look so much better after natural rainfall rather than from tap water.  Especially London water with its hard, lime scale.  Sure they need the tap water when nothing's coming from the sky, but there's something in the rain that just adds pure vitality to plants.

Ever the optimist, I am now even starting to hold out hope for some strawberries in around a month's time.  Maybe a little more rain please?  I shall keep you posted...

In the meantime, I shall continue to be grateful for yesterday's rain as the garden is looking even more lush than earlier this week.

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