Thursday, 8 August 2013

My blogging absence and my wedding

It's been a while since I last blogged and the reason was I was getting married.

What a lot of work and time it takes to organise.  I had to really take myself off from my usual volunteer commitments.

When I say organise... I made a lot of things for this wedding: my dress (hard work to turn around within 6 months), my bridesmaid made her own dress, the bunting for the venue decorations, presents for the flower girls, the invitations...  So on top of the usual wedding preparations there was a lot of additional.  If you are thinking of making a wedding dress - this is a huge amount of work.  It will make you exhausted for the number of hours you put in and it is not far off blood, sweat and tears.  I think I should add that this was the first dress I've ever made so there was added pressure of steep learning curves, mastering easing and a whole host of other things.  However, walking up the aisle in a dress that you've made really is priceless and well worth all that effort - I felt so proud of all our hard work.

My garden really missed me and I missed gardening but there was a gardening element to the wedding of course... My friend Tim Watts kindly gave me a wedding present before the event - my bouquet, button holes for family, ushers, bridesmaid and mini bouquets for our two lovely flower girls (they're both nearly 2 years old).   He put me in touch with the wonderful florist Jenny John Flowers.  The brief I gave her was cottage garden - no big show piece flowers - really natural feel with umbells if possible and lots of little different flowers.  We picked the flowers 2 days before the wedding in Urban Veg (where I volunteer) - big thank you to Clare Savage.  What Jenny came up with on the day was so beautiful I couldn't have been happier.  She even managed to include a californian poppy - these grew in Grandpa's garden and I love them.  This was not easy as they are so delicate and have such a short flowering length.  I also had several herbs in there: mint, fennel, lavender and I'm sure there was much more besides.  Big thank you to Jenny John for putting together such beautiful bouquets.

PS.  I had help with the dress from 2 lovely friends: Janet Astle and Dawn Foster-Denham.

If you want a peak at some photos our photographer blogged about our day


  1. Congratulations on your marriage, Claire.

    If you want a belated wedding present from my root crop collection, remind me in the autumn.

  2. Thank you. That's very kind of you. I will certainly be taking you up on that!