Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Transporting seedlings by bicycle

I always struggle with transporting seedlings by bicycle.  I know I really should buy a basket for my bike but I just haven't got round to it yet.

Each time I transport some, there just seems to be some tall ones that are particularly difficult to carry by bike so I put them in a bag which I hang on one of the handle bars desperately trying not to have the bag swallowed up by my front bicycle wheel.

On Sunday, I had rather a lot of seedlings to bring to the Bramford Community Garden http://ttwandsworth.wordpress.com/community-garden/  (cape gooseberries, aubergines, gem squash, tomatoes, sun flowers).  I managed to find a card board box that would fit into my rucksack and I could put all the seedlings in upright, except for the sunflowers that have grown more than a foot tall.

So I set off rather wobbly trying not to squash my prized sunflower seedlings. Then as I was cycling across my local park, I had a brain wave... What if I zipped them into my hoody they would be stationary allowing me to concentrate on riding my bike safely. I would not be worried about their well being more than my own!  I'd look a bit strange for the 20 minute ride - but who cares!!

When I arrived at the garden, Miranda said "they are your sunflower babies!"

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